Wine starts with passion

In 1998, so does Vinarte. People with different histories, but united in their passion for good wine, Romanians, French and Italians, decided to build together a company that will bring good Romanian wines on everyone’s lips.

The right place for wine

The first step was the discovery of the best terroir. Soil professionals soon entered the picture and they discovered not one but three areas with exceptional terroir. The chance to crat remarkable wine, with unique personalities convinced the associates to purchase three wine estates: Villa Zorilor – Dealu Mare; Bolovanu – Sâmburești and Stârmina – Mehedinți.

Anything valuable takes effort…

…and no compromises. Good wines require the best support at every step. So we let go of the past, of everything that meant old hybrid vines and outdated machinery. Instead we brought noble saplings from France, stainless steel vats, oak barrels, presses, filters and everything that was needed for such a grand enterprise with such ambitious objectives.

Everything revolves around people

Seeing as wine is an entire symphony, with many acts and even more actors, winemakers must act just like conductors. But good conductors are rare… and so are good winemakers. This prompted us to choose renowned foreign winemakers. Young professionals thrived under their tutelage and thus success started to take roots.

Let the good wines flow

And not show any signs of stopping. After only four years since the beginning we managed to make three wines – Prince Matei, Prince Mircea and Soare – that conquered surprisingly (for everybody but not us) both the internal and the external markets.  The appreciation was felt immediately, from the amateur local wine tasters to the international wine judges who showed their enthusiasm through awards, of course.