Feteasca Neagra / Negru de Dragasani / Novac


CELLAR: The wine is produced and bottled at Starmina Castle – Vinarte Winery

CLIMATE: Temperate-Continental with Mediterranean influences

SOIL: argillaceous alluvial with gravel, sand and marl sediments

VARIETY: Fetească Neagră, Negru de Drăgăşani, Novac

ALCOHOL CONTENT: 13, 50% vol.



Vinification takes place separately for each variety. The harvesting is done by hand, in plastic crates and it is followed by destemming and crushing. The must is then pumped into temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks where yeasts are added to complete the alcoholic fermentation. Following, the wine is racked and transferred into French oak barrels for malolactic fermentation, where it is refined by a maturation period of about 2-6 months. Maturation time in barrel is different from one variety to another. The next step was the selection and assembly of wines into a unique blend. After conditioning, the wine has been bottled and stored in the cellar for a new stage of elevation, this time in bottle.


Appearance: clear, bright, intense ruby red with violet hues. Nose: intense and very fruity, dominated by aromas of black cherries, dried plums, cloves and berries, slightly spicy. Palate: full, creamy, strong but balanced, with round tannins and a persistent finish.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: the optimum drinking temperature is 16oC. Pairs perfectly with filet mignon with grilled artichokes and amaretto sauce, roasted veal with tortillas and red wine sauce, lamb chops on a bed of couscous and mint sauce, wild boar with hunter’s sauce and potatoes.

AGING POTENTIAL: the wine may be aged in bottles in cellar conditions, thus acquiring a velvety texture and a more complex bouquet.