Italian Riesling / Sauvignon Blanc


CELLAR: The wine is produced and bottled at Starmina Castle – Vinarte Winery

CLIMATE: Temperate-Continental with Mediterranean influences
SOIL:  eroded reddish-brown with running rubble deposits on top of the slopes and argillaceous illuvial towards the bottom

VARIETY: Italian Riesling / Sauvignon Blanc

ALCOHOL: 12,50% vol.


Manual harvesting: carefully selected grapes from parcels with a limited production of approximately 5000 kg/ha. Crushing and destemming is followed by the cooling of the must and a pellicular maceration of approximately 4 hours for a better extraction of the primary aromas in the skins, continued with the clarifying of the must and seeding with selected yeasts in automatically-controlled low temperature conditions (approximately 15 ºC). The wine was refined through the completion of alcoholic fermentation in French barriques, where it was matured for 3 months.


Appearance: clear bright of a light yellow color with greenish reflexes. Nose: subtle with generous citric aromas, especially of grapefruit, completed by thyme and acacia flowers aroma, of a pleasant minerality. Palate: dry, powerful start, pleasant, slightly acid, smooth finish and prolonged aftertaste.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: the optimum drinking temperature is 10-12 ºC. One may serve it as an aperitif or with white meat dishes, poultry liver, sea food, light cheeses.

AGING POTENTIAL:  one may drink it fresh or slightly aged (2-3 years), the latter giving it a complex bouquet.