Cabernet Sauvignon


VINEYARD: Bolovanu – Vinarte winery

CLIMATE: temperate – continental (Köppen Cfbx)

SOIL: brown, brown-luvic, calcaric regosol, calcic preluvosol, alluvial gravels

VARIETY: Cabernet Sauvignon 100%.

ALCOHOL: 13,00% vol.


The grapes are carefuly selected and harvested by hand, from plots with remarkable aspects (slope orientations). Production is limited to 3500 kg/ha, so that all the grapes reach optimal maturity. A second selection of the grapes takes place in the winery, on the sorting belt, before the crushing. Following the destemming, the must is pumped in stainless vats equipped with automatic temperature regulators. This is where the first part of the alcoholic fermentation takes place, with a careful maceration, to insure we have a ballaced wine, rich in round tannins and pigments. Near the end of the alcoholic fermentation, the wine is racked to French oak barriques, where the malolactic fermentation takes place. An ageing period continues the process for 15 to 18 months. The wine is then bottled and aged in the cellar for an additional 6 months.

Appearance: clear, shining ruby red with brown-ginger shades. Nose: intense and elegant, complex, exhibiting forest fruit aromas (raspberry and blackberry), vanilla, caramel, chocolate and fine spices. Palate: dry, full, consistent texture, complex, with mature tannins and long-lasting aftertaste.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: the optimal temperature for consumption is 18°C. Pairs well with oven or grilled red meat dishes, large venison, traditional Romanian meat dishes, mature cheeses.

AGING POTENTIAL: the wine can be bottle-aged for 8-12 years in cellar conditions, thus achieving a velvety structure and a more complex bouquet.