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VINARTE - Vinuri fine romanesti

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 Romana Francais 

It is out of the enthusiasm of a group of Romanian, French and Italian investors, passionate about viticulture and confident in the tremendous potential of Romanian vineyards that VINARTE was born in 1998.

As it was natural, the choice of production centres has been the result of thorough studies carried out by the specialists of the company who managed to identify in a short time, in three renowned wine growing areas, that lands capable of producing excellent wines. Thus, three wine estates have been purchased, namely Zoresti - Dealu Mare, Bolovanu - Samburesti and Starmina - Mehedinti (a total of nearly 344 hectares of vineyards), which nowadays form the productive structure of the company, each with its own "personality" shaped by different soil and climate conditions.

Instead of hybrid, sick and exhausted vines, inherited from the old state farms, new noble varieties, imported from France have been planted. Winemaking centres have also experienced a rapid process of modernization, temperature controlled steel tanks, presses, filters, barrels replacing old concrete tanks, casks and barrels in an advanced state of decay.

What has nonetheless given a different dimension to our investment efforts, turning the company from a mere producer of wines into a pioneer, and without any false modesty, a quality model, was the choice of people, of those meant to understand, interpret and give life to the potential of our vineyards. That way, foreign specialists, already well known names in the world, came to join us, who, together with Romanian technicians, young graduates in horticulture, have brought more personality and a new impetus in the creation and application of new technologies in agricultural work and in winemaking.

The results almost immediately rewarded the passion and perseverance with which we had been working from the very first moment. After four years, our first wines signed “Prince Matei”, “Prince Mircea” and “Soare” created a true "revolution" on the Romanian and foreign market, gaining international recognition by the numerous medals and awards won at prestigious international competitions.

The confidence in the potential of Romanian viticulture, the fascination of a tradition that, in this region, dates back to antiquity, the desire to restore the prestige of Romanian wines in the world are only three reasons that convinced us to give a name to our ambition to produce exceptional wine. VINARTE was thus born.
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