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VINARTE - Vinuri fine romanesti

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VINARTE Villa Zorilor Fetească Neagră

DENOMINATION OF ORIGIN: D.O.C. – C.M.D. Dealu Mare – Zoresti 

PRODUCER: the wine is produced and bottled at Villa Zorilor Winery – Vinarte and aged in oak barrels for 4 months.

CLIMATE: temperate–continental with characteristic parameters for the South-Carpathian wine-growing ecological region.

SOIL: brown, non-carbonated, with an argillaceous sandy structure.

VARIETY: Fetească Neagră 100%

ALCOHOL CONTENT: 13,50% vol.

VINIFICATION: the harvesting is done by hand, and at the same time a quality selection of grapes is being made. The maceration and the alcoholic fermentation take place in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. It is still here that malolactic fermentation and maturation take place. Once the maturation period is complete, the wine is bottled. 

TASTING NOTES: Visually: clear, bright, ruby ​​red color, with violet and purple hues. Olfactory: fresh aromas of sour cherries, forest fruit and spices. Gustative: dry, well-balanced texture and acidity, pleasant astringency, rich tannins, intense finish.

GASTRONOMIC ASSOCIATIONS: the optimum drinking temperature is of 16o C. One may serve it with red meats, small game, traditional Romanian red meat-based dishes and mature cheeses.

AGING POTENTIAL: the wine may be aged in bottles (3-5 years), in cellar conditions, thus acquiring a velvety texture and a complex bouquet.

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