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VINARTE - Vinuri fine romanesti

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VINARTE Terase Danubiene Tãmâioasã Româneascã

DENOMINATION OF ORIGIN : D.O.C. – C.M.D. Mehedinti – Starmina

PRODUCER: the wine is produced and bottled at Starmina Winery – Vinarte.

CLIMATE: temperate – continental with Mediterranean influences.

SOIL: argillaceous alluvial with gravel, sand and marl sediments.

VARIETY:Tãmâioasã Româneascã 100 %.

ALCOHOL CONTENT: 12,70% vol.

VINIFICATION: manual harvesting in plastic crates, crushing and de-stemming followed by the cooling of the must and its maintenance without pressing for 4-6 hours in order to better extract the primary aromas of the peel, continued with the clarifying of the must and the seeding with selected yeasts under conditions of automatically-controlled low temperature (about 17o C).

TASTING NOTESVisually: clear, bright, straw yellow color with greenish highlights. Olfactory: intense, aromas of elder and lime flowers, honey, hints of caramel and nutmeg. Gustative: semi-dry, full-bodied and tasty, good acidity, well-balanced, a long, lingering finish.

GASTRONOMIC ASSOCIATIONS: the optimum drinking temperature is of 8-10o C. It is a wonderful accompaniment to fruit-based desserts, mature or blue cheeses.

AGING POTENTIAL: the wine may be drunk fresh or slightly aged (2-3 years), thus acquiring a complex bouquet.

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